The Biggest Health Care Lie of All

05/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Our Representatives are struggling hard with this Health Care Issue."

That's a lie.

Every single Right Wing Senator whole-heartedly supports single payer Health Care coverage wholly paid for by the Federal Government because he has it. His whole family has it. Obama has it. Dick Cheney has it. All the moderates who struggle with where to position themselves on this issue - they have it. Every Representative in the House who has taken contributions from a pharmaceutical company and can't find clarity on this issue - he (in a few cases, she) has it too: full government sponsored single payer Health Care coverage. All their employees have it.

They believe in it, alright. And not a single one of them has stopped taking it. Proof is in the nasty pudding.

I've tried to point this out for months now. Nobody has seemed particularly concerned. Why? Why are we basically going to live with this kind of inequity? Do we believe these people have somehow earned it, like the CEOs earned all those bonuses? Do we believe they have a right because we elected them?

Why hasn't a single Senator (or Congressman/woman) offered to give it up and go out on his/her own like so many of the rest of us to find some "great" corporate developed Health Care Plan? Why? Why hasn't at least one secretary in a government office done it? And if it is such a horribly socialistic thing, why hasn't the GOP left it en mass, like they're leaving (in droves now) the concept of unemployment insurance?

And why haven't there been piles of petitions demanding all these Representatives put the lives where their mouths are? Or why isn't there a real Tea Party movement along the lines of what was actually going on back there in Colonial Boston?

It's depressing. It's tragic. It's a joke, but I don't have anything left in me that wants to laugh or even cry about it. What has happened to this country that we have not only allowed this to happen, but we have allowed ourselves now to live with it and (given the Health Care that many of our citizen now - and will - have) die with it?