08/21/2011 08:17 pm ET | Updated Oct 21, 2011

The Most Provocative, Revolutionary, Dangerous and Radical Book Ever Written

Q1: What book, born of the political upheavals in mid-nineteenth century Europe,  spearheaded radical Leftist Anarchism in the United States during the late-nineteenth through early decades of the twentieth century and then, intellectually banished for a few decades, returned in the mid-twentieth century from exile  to rise, by the end of  the late-twentieth century, as the philosophical cornerstone of a Conservative wing of the Republican party?

Q2: Do Libertarians in the U.S. understand that the roots of their philosophy lie in Anarchism?  Does their leadership?

Q3: If so, why haven't their brains blown a fuse?

A1. Der Einzige und sein Eigentum by Max Stirner (b. Johann Kaspar Schmidt, 1806-1856), originally published in Leipzig, 1845 [1844, post-dating a dodge to confuse Prussian censors], translated into English and published in New York in 1907 as The Ego and His Own,  and reprinted, amongst other subsequent editions, in 1963 by the Libertarian Book Club.