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Stephen Ratner

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Student Government Fills in the Gaps

(1) Comments | Posted March 15, 2010 | 4:44 PM

With the recent coverage of tuition hikes and talks of President Obama's plan to reform education lending, it is more apparent than ever that the future of students' educations are more in the hands of individual students than they have ever been.

As budget cuts spread across university offices...

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President Obama: Trust Young Americans to Relay the Healthcare Message!

(10) Comments | Posted August 25, 2009 | 12:02 PM

Many people are asking right now: “What happened to ‘we are the ones, we’ve been waiting for’?” And, in many ways, rightfully so. Where are the young Americans who flooded the streets and voiced their support for Barack Obama and his solutions for our country? As a young person, I...

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The Next Generation of Voter Engagement

(0) Comments | Posted August 21, 2009 | 1:11 PM

Politics has definitely come a long way since the now cliché cigar smoke-filled rooms of party conventions where the head honcho politicos crafted the platform to their liking. After the Obama campaign's eruption of voter engagement through employing user generated content submission tools as well as social media, the floodgates...

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Surfing With A Tabula Rasa

(0) Comments | Posted July 7, 2009 | 12:27 PM

The upcoming 2010 midterm elections are sure to be nearly as historic as the 2008 presidential elections. Not because of any one candidate, cause, or slogan, but rather because of the unprecedented number and variety of newly registered voters that may or may not come out to the polls in...

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It's Not Enough

(0) Comments | Posted June 16, 2009 | 4:09 PM

Barack Obama's campaign is often cited for its robust youth outreach program and the historic excitement he garnered from members of my generation. And, to an extent, this characterization is absolutely correct. Youth turnout was the third highest since 1971 when eighteen year olds were enfranchised, the youth was the...

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