12/02/2005 09:34 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bush's Speechifying

So George W. has a new strategy on Iraq -- he's going to go to the people and convince them of the rightness of his course by giving a series of speeches around the country to tell them the "truth" about how we are going to achieve "victory." The simple persuasiveness of his logic, the formidable strength of his argument, the compelling leadership qualities of his presidency (repeat 9/11) are all going to be enough to overcome resistance on the Iraqi war. Sounds familiar? Yes. That is what he also accomplished in his famous campaign for Social Security "reform" just a few short months ago that resulted in such resounding success. And taking a cue from an earlier presidency -- the LBJ regime -- he is delivering his speeches only at military bases, starting with Annapolis earlier this week. This will surely rally the nation around him just as it did old Lyndon. Right? Just a thought...