01/19/2008 11:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary's Husband Was Also a Winner

What Hillary Clinton's victories in New Hampshire and Nevada have demonstrated beyond any doubt is that her husband has been a helpmate not a hindrance to her campaign. Despite media criticism that the former president was acting too angry or too petulant during his campaigning in both states for Hillary, what most Democratic (and independent) voters saw, in fact, was the passions of the most popular leader in the party articulating the reasons why his wife would be the best choice for the party's nominee over her most formidable challenger, Barack Obama. In New Hampshire, voters took seriously Bill Clinton's argument that Senator Obama's anti-Iraq war stance was a "fairy tale." They listened with equal intensity to him in Nevada when he criticized a caucus system that favored a union backing Obama and they as well resented the implication that Clinton's critique of that set-up disrespected Hispanics. In the end, Hispanics in Nevada went 3 to 1 for Hillary over Obama. Bill Clinton has proven his sterling silver value to the Hillary Clinton cause -- and undoubtedly his presence will have much the same impact in the remaining primaries.