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Occupy Wall Street at the UN?

In the year 2000, the UN committed itself to the task of halving poverty by the year 2015 through the so-called Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) program. As the UN has moved closer to 2015, however, an economic catastrophe has obviously intervened in the last few years which now threatens to undermine if not thwart its chances of reaching that goal -- namely the worst world financial crack-up since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Now, in its stead, a movement called "Occupy Wall Street" has risen up, spontaneously, demanding that governments rein in out-of-control banks and find jobs for the unemployed and living quarters for the homeless and food for the ill-nourished. The movement has spread around the planet, triggering demonstrations in, among other places, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Puerto Rico, Germany, England, Spain, Japan, and dozens of other nations. Curiously the UN Security Council and General Assembly have so far not responded to this spreading global crusade. It would seem logical that the UN might consider incorporating the "Occupy" movements into its MDGs, as part of its grand quest to reduce the world's impoverishment rate by 50% before the target date. Why have both the Security Council and the General Assembly failed so far to give some official recognition or public attention to the "Occupy" groups? What is the attitude of the member-states to the growing movement? Among the five veto-states, could it be that the Chinese, the Russians, the British and the French are afraid of copy-cat uprisings? Does the Obama Administration fear to give too much credibility to such gatherings during an election year? The answers to these questions are waiting to be told.

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