09/02/2012 09:49 am ET | Updated Oct 31, 2012

Creating a Life You Love by Learning to Trust Yourself

It starts as a tiny whisper in your mind...

"This relationship isn't right for me."
"I don't belong here."
"This job doesn't nourish my soul."
"I deserve better."
"I want more."

These thoughts are simple truths. Deeply profound beliefs, ideas or bits of information that, in the moment, you can neither confirm or deny. They just are... and they shake you to your core.

Instead of learning to heed these simple truths and discover the wisdom and guidance behind them, we often think ourselves out of and away from them.

"He's a good guy, it's not like he abuses me."
"These are my friends, of course I belong."
"This job pays the bills and I worked hard to get here."
"I have enough."
"Stop being ungrateful."

Whether it's a calling towards what you're truly passionate about or the truth about a relationship, these cries come from deep within your soul. They're a sign you're nearing the end of your ability to tolerate something that's no longer serving you.

It starts as a whisper... a passing truth that you quickly dismiss with logic. You can try, but it can't be ignored because it's one of the deepest truths in your life. Something isn't right, and whether or not you want to listen, the time has come to face it.

This can be terrifying because it means it's time to make some serious changes, but I promise it can also be the most amazing period of your life if you let it.

How to Trust Yourself and Your Intuition

How To Trust Yourself And Your Intuition

Take action now!

Have you recently experienced a simple truth, only to think yourself away from it? Take a moment to sit with yourself in silence. Check in with your body: What do you feel when you hear this simple truth? What emotions, sensations and energy does it create in your body?

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