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Steve Belanger
Steve Belanger is the host of The Gamut with Steve Belanger podcast on the Sideshow Network. His one-man show, It's About Time, opens in NYC in April.

Entries by Steve Belanger

How to Be Grateful (And Stop Acting Like a Frustrated Toddler)

(0) Comments | Posted March 28, 2015 | 10:30 PM


Grateful. I always have to remind myself to be grateful. And you should, too. No matter how crappy things may seem at the moment, or how down in the dumps you may feel, you still have to take a moment to be grateful...

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Confessions of a Middle-Aged CrossFit Newbie

(35) Comments | Posted January 5, 2015 | 10:04 PM

I am definitely not your typical CrossFit disciple. I am a 49-year-old, soft-around-the-middle type of guy. The bulk of my athletic endeavors are a decade behind me, and my 40s have been plagued by an endless array of injuries -- including elbow tendonitis, a torn calf muscle and a hamstring...

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Adventures of a Cranky Gambler -- NFL Week 3

(0) Comments | Posted September 22, 2014 | 4:34 PM


After a rough start to this NFL season, I came out on fire this week. The Thursday night game was exactly what I needed to get my confidence back. I had everything right -- the Falcons, the Falcons in the first half, the...

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Adventures of a Cranky Gambler -- NFL Week 2

(0) Comments | Posted September 15, 2014 | 1:51 PM


Week two has always been a tricky week for me when it comes to picking winners in the NFL. That shiny first date newness of Week 1 has worn off and it's time to settle in for the long grind...

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Adventures of a Cranky Gambler -- NFL Week 1

(0) Comments | Posted September 8, 2014 | 9:33 AM

Ah, Week 1 in the NFL. Finally, a full slate of meaningful games. After seven months of anticipation, that Thursday night kickoff game just doesn't slake the thirst of a true football bettor like myself. Especially since I took the points against...

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Adventures of a Cranky Gambler

(0) Comments | Posted September 7, 2014 | 7:16 PM


The NFL season is finally here. Are you ready? I know I am. I'll confess to all of you nice people on the internet (just between us), that I have a bit of a football addiction. Some might call it a gambling addiction,...

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Would You Stop Time If You Could?

(2) Comments | Posted June 16, 2014 | 5:39 PM

"Can you bring your time-stopper to the park later, Dad?" Matt asked me this morning. Understandably confused, it took me a few moments to realize my 6-year-old wanted me to bring my "stopwatch" to time him while he ran around. I told him I would. Then I admitted that I...

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The In-Law Chronicles: Blue Balls, Third Base & The Christmas Beaver

(0) Comments | Posted April 16, 2014 | 10:16 PM

I am very happily married, I have several jobs that I love, I have two small children that I adore, and I don't have any credit card debt. Life doesn't get much better than this. The only problem is that my wife's entire family lives within a fifteen-mile radius --...

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Nude Yoga and the Worst Kind of Naked

(5) Comments | Posted April 7, 2014 | 2:33 PM

The nude yoga phenomenon seems to be all the rage these days (or maybe it's just my Facebook newsfeed, but still). I'm sure naked yoga has been around since yoga was invented. Back then, yoga with clothes was probably the anomaly. But ever since Adam put on that first figurative...

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The Phone Call Every Parent Dreads

(0) Comments | Posted March 31, 2014 | 1:48 PM

I don't want to bury the lede with this one, so I'll start off by saying my son is OK. He is 100% fine and shooting me with his Buzz Lightyear laser as I write this. He is a healthy and happy 3-1/2-year-old. That wasn't the case just a few...

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The 'Quit Your Job' Checklist

(7) Comments | Posted March 27, 2014 | 5:30 PM

I've written here before about how I quit my six-figure corporate job a decade ago to follow my dreams of being a writer and performer. My decision was based on this idea of the Third Metric years before I even knew what the Third Metric was....

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Shocking News: Being a Stay-at-Home Dad Is Tough!

(0) Comments | Posted March 24, 2014 | 11:44 AM

I can totally do this, I thought to myself. It was 6 a.m. on the morning of my wife's first day back to work after three months of maternity leave. She was getting ready to jump in the shower and take the train to Manhattan. I was preparing to take...

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The 8 Life Lessons I Learned From '70s TV Shows

(0) Comments | Posted March 17, 2014 | 8:37 AM


As a typical child of the '70s, I grew up in front of a TV. Within the colored pixels of that faux-wood-paneled Magnavox floor set was the double-helix that formed my DNA. Everything I am today can be traced back to lessons I...

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Why I Walked Away From My Six-Figure Job... and the Surprising Results a Decade Later

(6) Comments | Posted March 6, 2014 | 2:05 PM

Ten years ago, in March of 2004, I was a corporate executive at one of the largest media companies in the world. I had a salary north of six figures, a nice office in Manhattan and an expense account. A month later I was sitting at home with no job,...

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Why I Took the SAT When I Was 45-Years-Old

(1) Comments | Posted March 6, 2014 | 12:57 PM

This week's news about changes to the SAT format that will take place in 2016 reminded me of my own SAT experience just a few years ago. At the time, I was doing a webseries for Men's Health Magazine where I would attempt a different challenge every episode. I played...

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