11/22/2005 06:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

5th Anniversary of "Brooks Brothers" Riot in Miami

Today is the 5th anniversary of the "Brooks Brothers" riot in Miami, which stopped the vote count in Dade County.
Remember this famous picture in Al Kamen's column of these Republican "outside agitators"?
Now, think Abramoff. Lay. Enron. Halliburton.
They all chipped in to help pay for the recount. Which in this case means helping to pay for these punks to cross state lines to intimidate public officials to stop a vote count, eat Thanksgiving turkey, and groove on the cosmic stylings of Wayne Newton.
The Bushies set a max of $5K per donor. And Jack Abramoff chipped in to the recount. So did Ken Lay. On the same day.
Enron & Halliburton loaned their corporate jets.
And check out this very interesting Raw Story piece, with lots of interesting Abramoff tidbits, Scalia son hirings, unpaid legal bills, DeLay/Bush connections, a Blunt family marriage, and a great quote from Michael Scanlon about lacking a "bat phone" to Bush.
Get out your shovels, boys and girls. There's a lot of dirt here to dig up...