03/13/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Geoghegan: Rhymes with Reagan, Thinks Like Wellstone

Tom Geoghegan has a hard-to spell Irish name. It's Geoghegan, and it rhymes with Reagan. But Tom thinks like Paul Wellstone.

Here"s his web site. Tom is way smart.
He is perhaps the best writer of any labor lawyer, ever. He was just endorsed by the Chicago area Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and he's running for Rahm Emanuel's vacated House seat, in a special election to be held only 3 weeks from today, on March 3rd. A special election with 12 Democratic primary candidates, which means even intelligent, principled, thoughtful, change-oriented candidates have a chance.

Tom wants all Americans to make a living wage.

He supports the Employee Free Choice Act, wants union organizing to be covered under the civil rights laws, and believes the economy should be fixed bottom-up, not Wall Street down.

He's for single-payer health care.

He wants to increase our Social Security benefits up to civilized, European standards.

He gives the most coherent explanation of our current debt crisis, sub-prime mortgage scam, so-called corporate free trade ripoffs--or frankly anything complicated and economic--that you are ever going to hear from a candidate.

He opposed the war in Iraq before it happened, and at a recent forum, he suggested wryly that Bush and Cheney should probably not do much traveling overseas in the days to come.

Since his district includes Wrigley Field, I'm hoping for the coveted Ryan Dempster endorsement next.

But he could use your help. So could the working men and women of this country.

"Geoghegan--Rhymes with Reagan; Acts like Roosevelt!"