Get Up, Stand Up

05/25/2011 11:50 am ET
  • Steve Cobble Co-founder,; antiwar activist; political strategist

If the big problem the Democratic Party has is that voters don't know exactly what it stands for; and if Sam Alito will tilt the Supreme Court strongly against Roe v. Wade, against working people, and in favor of executive power; and if most Americans support freedom of choice, support working families, and oppose torture and warrantless spying--doesn't that lead to the obvious conclusion that Senate Democrats should all oppose Alito, as a party unit?
Here's a suggestion: send Sam a copy of Bush v. Gore, give him a week or two to study up on it, then invite him back for some more questioning, and see how he answers then.
If he won't come, filibuster.
And if some Democrats aren't sure they want to join in, help them decide by doing what the Club for Growth does on the conservative side--promise them a well-funded, serious, progressive primary opponent in their next race.
Losing a vote isn't the worst thing in politics. Not standing up for your fundamental principles when directly threatened often is.