06/06/2010 02:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last Chance to Say Yes

Just a little over 2 days left to say yes to one of the only real progressive Democratic challengers running this year.
Just a few hours left to go to to make a donation, volunteer to make a few phone calls, or find out where to vote.
Why should you care?
Because this is your last chance to help the only serious antiwar candidate running so far in a Democratic primary.
Because this may be your last chance this year to send AIPAC a message, that blind support for Netanyahu is not the same as support for Middle East peace.
Because this is a chance to just say no to an incumbent Blue Dog, Jane Harman, who voted for the war in Iraq, always stands up for Wall Street, helped to hide Bush's secret wiretapping from us, and even intervened with the news media to prevent the story from breaking prior to election day in 2004. In other words, the incumbent Blue Dog took direct action to assist the re-election of George W. Bush.
So why has John Kerry not signaled his massive email list to exact revenge? Beats the hell out of me.
But don't let Senator Kerry's slow political instincts slow you down. Take this final opportunity to do something for Marcy Winograd, the bravest progressive Democrat on the ballot so far this year.
Because shouldn't the antiwar movement support at least one real peace candidate this year?
[Disclosure: I am a friend of Marcy's, a fellow member of Progressive Democrats of America with her, and PDA has been active in supporting her.]