03/29/2006 01:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

March in April

I guess the huge immigrant rights rallies this week should put to rest the silly notion that marches don't matter any more. Here's two other good ways to March in April:
*Katrina Right to Return, Vote & Rebuild March, led by Jesse Jackson and the National Rainbow/PUSH Coalition in New Orleans this Saturday.
*End the War in Iraq March organized by United for Peace & Justice in New York on April 29th.
As Reverend Jackson often says: "The Freedom March cannot be completed by faxes and emails. Rather, faith must be matched by works."
There's been a certain amount of whining over the past few years about marching and mass rallies--the theory seemed to be that because George W. Bush went ahead and started a war despite the opposition of vast swaths of the world, that one of the reasons was bad tactics on our part, like old-style protest marches.
Does not compute.
As the White House Memo proves again, revalidating the Downing Street Memo, George W was determined to go to war no matter what. It was not a failure of tactics on our side that led to war; in fact, we were better organized, more vocal, more global--and more prescient--than ever before. George W and his gang just wanted war with Iraq.
(There is one tactic we could have tried--we need someone to impersonate "God" when he dials in to W late at night and tells George which preemptive wars to launch. Maybe our heavenly ventriloquist could refocus the conversation a bit--you know, mention that "thou shalt not kill" bit; remind W about the stewardship of the earth; slip in those parts about beating swords into plowshares, blessed are the peacemakers, turn the other cheek, feed the hungry, heal the sick, shelter the homeless...then ask W to end the war, reconstruct New Orleans, and take global warming seriously...)
Yeah, right. Better go march.