04/03/2006 06:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Next Stops on the Peace Train: CT Senate & CA-36

What if everyone in the blogosphere and on the progressive side who agreed with Christine Cegelis on the war, the Patriot Act, and other progressive issues had joined in early, and done their part? Clearly, she would have won.
So what's the obvious lesson? It's time to get on board the Peace Train. Next stops: California & Connecticut.
We need to mobilize for the next big antiwar progressive challenges--now.
I'd start with two races, where the contrast is so stark, and the antiwar candidates are so strong, that (imho) all progressives belong on board:
*Ned Lamont, in his strong challenge to Joe "Just War" Lieberman, for the Democrats' Senate nomination in Connecticut (a safe blue state).
*Marcy Winograd, in her exciting challenge to Jane "I deplore the leak" (but not the spy program) Harman in CA-36 (a safe blue district).
There are other good progressive candidates out there, and I'll comment on them in the future, as will many others. But these two races have the Iraq War at their core, and will be seen largely as important antiwar challenges by the media. Both challengers have other issues--for instance, Lamont has Lieberman's fascination with Bush, Winograd has Harman's long silence on the illegal spying--and both incumbents feature some terrible economic votes.
Still, the incumbents' support for the war, and the challengers' strong opposition to it, is a key difference--and everyone watching will know it.
So shouldn't we do everything we can? Donate. Volunteer. Make cell phone calls. Blog. Donate again...

(conflict-of-interest warning: I know Marcy Winograd from Progressive Democrats of America. And as an advisor to Kucinich in 2003-04, I watched Joe Lieberman up close in about 35 different Presidential forums around the country, as he played pro-war yin to Dennis' antiwar yang...)