05/12/2006 11:22 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Say No to Spying/Say No to Silent Jane

Does it make you mad that Jane Harman sat silently by and did nothing about George W's massive illegal spying on Americans? If so, you have an option, challenger Marcy Winograd (

Silent Jane is the most important House Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, one of the only Democrats who got any spy briefings at all -- but she said nothing -- for over a year.

And while she may not have known the full extent of the Bush/Cheney spy network, she knew more than anyone else. But she did nothing. Nada. Zilch.

If that makes you angry, you can do something about it. She has a serious primary opponent, Marcy Winograd, a feisty schoolteacher who has always opposed the war (Harman voted for it), and who worked with the United Farm Workers when she was younger. Check out Marcy's web site. I think you'll like it.

In fact, I think HuffPosters should adopt her...