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Top 5 Industries For Jobs Right Now

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It's the economy, stupid. Something both U.S. presidential candidates seem to be ignoring.

Despite what politicians may believe is a stupid economy, jobs is the #1 area that concerns people: Having one, getting one, holding one. After all, the economy is jobs, jobs, jobs.

With that in mind we at Taleee wondered, where are the jobs anyway? With our consensus engine we tallied them up and here are the results.

A perfect ad would be this:

Help Wanted: talented multi-tasker who can program our web app, perform CPR, answer the phone, sell our SaaS solution, and make sure the office Wi-Fi network runs smoothly.

If you match the above you would be in demand across all five of the top industries for jobs. Check out these slides to see which industries are hot for job seekers right now:

Top 5 Jobs Right Now
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