Calling the Obama Army to Step Up the Pressure!

09/14/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

You've seen the lies and distortions about health care reform. The big insurance companies, the Republican Party, their allies in the conservative movement, Rush Limbaugh and a host of others coming together to defeat the president's plan for health reform. They've sent their angry masses to disrupt town halls all across America.

The 2008 campaign was about the millions of Americans who wanted to stand up to those powerful forces and show them we mean business. We can sit back and let trust Congress to do the right thing. The change we fought for will only happen if the Obama Grassroots Army stands up, makes some noise and puts serious heat on their Members of Congress and Senators.

President Obama needs us right now. He needs us to put our organizing shoes back on and hit the streets of America. He needs us to march into the local offices of your elected officials. Tell them you expect Congress to pass health care reform and that we are watching. Pressure is what's needed.

There are too many Washington politicians who are bowing to the special interest pressure -- because they aren't getting enough pressure from the army who got Barack Obama elected president.

When these Washington politicians take as much as $2 million in campaign contributions from big health care corporations and the insurance lobby, you can imagine how much pressure that puts on a Congressman. The so-called moderates, Blue Dog Democrats and most every Republican are standing in the way and they are on the verge of killing the president's plan.

The 2008 campaign was about the millions of Americans who wanted to take away the power these special interest groups and their lobbyists have enjoyed for too many years. It was about the millions like you who agreed to step up, use your voices, your organizing skills and your passion to help President Obama pass health care reform, climate change legislation, get the economy back on track and a host of other critical issues.

Please, the time is urgent. In order to get his health reform legislation passed, give him the same amount of sweat you gave to his campaign. Contact your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, friends and anyone you can think of. Give them the phone numbers to call their House and Senate Members. Tell them to DEMAND support of the President's Health Reform plan.

The Obama army that you helped build in 2008 never once failed to deliver for Barack Obama. I know you won't fail him now.