03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If Carrie Prejean Can't Handle Larry King, it's Time to Start Debating Toddlers

It seems to me that Carrie Prejean is still living in a world where her looks are powerful enough to help her dodge real questions and be treated like a real pundit.  No disrespect meant, my dimwitted stereotype of a blonde, but your days of manipulating men to do what you want with your looks are long, long gone.


If you can't even manipulate Larry King, you need to hang up your eye-liner and go home.  The deets:

Tuesday in the middle of her interview with King. Visibly disconcerted by King’s usual rapier like queries, Carrie was finding it difficult to keep her poise through the show. However, matters came to a head when King allegedly asked the former ramp blazer and beauty queen about her recent settlement with the Miss California USA pageant.

King pointedly asked Carrie to come clean on why she agreed to strike a compromise deal with the pageant and reportedly consented to drop the charges of libel, slander and  religious discrimination which she had earlier brought against the Pageant organizers.

“Why settle since you had a fight to carry on?” King demanded of Carrie. Prejean cornered and embarrassed, didn’t reply.

King further insinuated, “You can’t even say why you settled?” This time Carrie lost her head and responded with an angry retort, “Larry it’s completely confidential and you are being inappropriate.”

Despite King chucking the subject and passing on to another caller, Carrie was far too incensed and disconnected her mic before the guy on the line could mouth his query and gesticulated  to someone off camera.

She signed off saying, “Yeah, I think you are being extremely inappropriate right now…. And I’m about leave your show.”

Are you kidding me?  Larry King is a lightweight interviewer who would be happier asking Charo a question than be saddled with something important.  Why the hell do you think Prejean went on his show?  To be intellectually challenged?  Or because she thought "Suspenders McMontgomery Burns Spine" would just let her off the hook?

In a way, I feel sorry for Prejean.  She's learning something that certain Hollywood starlets and pop stars don't learn until later in life when their looks fade and society shows it's true colors.  Pretty only last so long... it's who you are as a person that keeps you beloved longer.

Helen Mirren.  Beloved.  Diane Keaton.  The same.  (Not by me, but okay.)  Oprah, clearly.  Kim Basinger?  Not so much.

But Carrie?  At her age?  She had a good 5 to ten years of dudes telling her what she wanted to hear in the hope of being able to curry some sort of favor.  But her opinions are just too poorly thought out, and her motives far too transparent.

You're going walk off Larry King?  You?  With your illicit tape and your waterfall of untruths?  You, who started taking pot shots at Donald Trump when he was one of the only person on the planet who actually defended you?

You, who talk about your faith, and forgiveness, but seem spiteful and judgmental?  WWJD?  

If you're "she's pretty, cut her some slack" length of time is getting cut down it's because you, my friend, are ugly on the inside.  Mean to those who confront you, opportunistically forgetful to the people who were kind to you, and snotty to those who disagree with you.

So yeah, you may be getting an extra fifteen minutes of fame right now, picking fights with Trump and "oops" having to deal with a sex tape right when your book came out.

Not buying it.  Regardless of what you look like.