04/01/2013 09:02 am ET | Updated Jun 01, 2013

The Secret Meaning of Easter


Now, for those of you who regularly read and follow my posts, you know I am no longer "religious" in the conventional sense. I do however believe there is a secret meaning to the Easter story that is equally unconventional but may indeed be what the story of Easter is really all about.

For me, Easter is all about the miracle of being raised, even set free, from a tomb of conditioned thinking, fixed believing, limited living. The first Easter authenticated...

Jesus' thinking...
Jesus' believing (talk about unconventional)... well as Jesus' life -- that is, how he lived and what he thought.

Isn't this what really lives on today?

I encourage you to not miss the transformative power in these living realities.

Do not try, as many have and many still do, to color this world in your preferred shades -- to insist that there's only one basket anyone into which one must place their faith or their beliefs. Give up the narrow notion that's there's only one way to live a transformed life.

You know, as I do, too, Easter is really all about resurrecting to a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of being -- which is, of course, waking up to who you really are -- beneath and beyond any and all things seen.

What else could be more miraculous than dying to an ego-centered way of living -- or dying to an illusory or inherited version of you -- then, finding yourself going through the Saturday of soul-searching bewilderment where you ask life's most important questions, as in, "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "What am I supposed to do?" etc., and then, suddenly, quite unexpectedly, you wake up one morning -- your own Easter morning -- and find yourself shouting uninhibitedly, "I am alive!"

You need to know nothing else, my friend, nor explain anything at all, to be the beneficiary of the amazing grace -- I just so happen to call God's grace -- that is demonstrated in either the first Easter or today's repeat performance in you. Just ENJOY it! Relish it! Know it for what it is: the secret meaning of Easter itself.

There was once a blind man whom Jesus had given sight who was then dragged before the authorities who demanded to know, "Who is he has given you, your sight?"

I've met these angry people, haven't you? Threatened by anyone who colors their eggs differently than do they, circling their wagons around their narrow understanding of who can and who can not be the recipient of God's Eternal Grace.

Ever met these people? Scores of them gathered yesterday in sacred places to celebrate something they may only remotely know or they temporarily reassure themselves through outworn and limited rhetoric that their eggs, colored their way, is God's one and only way of resurrecting in the world.

So they then, as they do today, demanded to know, "Who has given you, your sight?"

The best explanation the blind man could say is this: "I do not know. All I know is that, once I was blind, today I now see" (John 9:25).

To those who know the secret meaning of EASTER, that explanation is enough...

To those who do not, however, that explanation is NEVER enough!

The stone, my friend, has been rolled away. As Rumi would ask, "Why would you stay inside?