04/24/2009 08:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Our auto shows on this weekend

Saturday at 5pm Pacific on Steve Parker's THE CAR NUT SHOW - Join TR1 auto expert and Huffington Post auto blogger Steve Parker on the death of Pontiac (scheduled for Monday; they schedule these things in advance now) and quick reports on two new cars Steve drove and actually liked: Nissan's Rogue AWD mini-SUV based on the Sentra SE-R platform (another Parker fave), and the really cool Mazda6, unlike anything you may have driven before. Steve's guest: Harlan Charles, GM's big-shot Chevrolet Corvette Marketing Manager, and they'll talk about the just-announced-today 2010 Corvette Grand Sport, latest in a long line of high-end Grand Sport 'Vettes.

Sunday at 5pm Pacific on Steve Parker's WORLD RACING ROUNDUP - Auto journalist Steve Parker covers the world racing scene this weekend and previews what's coming up next week, from F1 to IndyCar to NASCAR, World Rally and as much else as we can squeeze into a one-hour WebRadio show - always needing your phone calls, too! Steve's guest: Nate Ryan, motorsports writer for USA TODAY, and they'll talk everything from Sarah Fisher trying to get into this year's Indy 500 (it's the 100th anniversary of the track) to the all-new Brawn-Mercedes Grand Prix F1 team which is setting records no one thought possible for a new - or even an old - team; and your calls!

Both shows are on LIVE beginning at 5pm Pacific Saturday and Sunday. Free podcasts of the shows are available on the site less than one hour after the live shows are complete; it's easy to find podcasts of all of Steve's previous shows, too.