06/29/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

This Weekend's Live Motoring and Motorsport Talk Shows

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Steve Parker's The Car Nut Show
Saturday starting at 5pm Pacific

No lack of topics this week on our general interest live call-in automotive talk show - General Motors approaches bankruptcy, or maybe is in it already. Chrysler leaves bankruptcy this weekend ... but will Fiat really buy all their assets? Fiat also wants to buy GM's Opel and the Italian people don't like it. Plus Steve test-drives the Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell electric car ---- which makes its own electricity! Call-in and be part of the show!

Steve Parker's World Racing Roundup
Sunday starting at 5pm

Tony George fired! After over a dozen years of spending tens of millions to create and shore-up the Indy Racing League, overseeing the Indy 500's devaluation, making and breaking a deal with Formula 1, opening the Brickyard to NASCAR, a sacrilege in the eyes of many, and inviting motorcycles to race at Indy, Tony George, the CEO of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, has been voted out of that position by his own board of directors --- a board made-up mostly of his own relatives. What do you think? Call the show and join us!

That's this Saturday and Sunday at 5pm USA Pacific on!