10/22/2012 12:04 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2012

Enlightenment, Duality and the Sword of Truth

In almost all legendary stories of kings, knights and that of Joan of Arc, the sword plays the role of a great tool in the defense of truth and the conquering of enemies. It is interesting to note that the word "enemy" means "not friend." In certain stories, like that of King Arthur, his famed sword Excalibur was known for its special powers. The word "Excalibur" means to "cut steel."

All swords are formed in the process called casting. This process consists of taking ore, rocks that contain the raw minerals of metal, then placing them in a forge to be heated so that the minerals liquefy and become separated from the rock. Once the metal minerals are liquefied, they can then be poured into a mold. A mold is a hollow cavity, a vessel that is shaped to hold the design of an expressed creative intent -- in this case, the shape of a sword.

Once the liquid metal is poured into the mold, it is allowed to cool and solidify. Only then is the casting process complete and can the newly birthed sword be released from its mold. Upon release and inspection, the sword's edges are rough.

From a metaphysical and metaphorical perspective, the process of casting, relative to our spiritual evolution, can be likened to our soul being poured into the mold of our present-time body, which is itself cast to play a specific role and intentioned life purpose. With this incarnation for soul development, the raw minerals of ore rocks can be understood as the fearfully attached thoughts from which we begin this lifetime mission. The forge, from this same perception, can be seen as the dramatic arena from which our life experiences test our resolve to release. The process of heating can likewise be understood as the alchemy of transformation. Finally, we know that the liquefied state of metal reflects the freedom, moldability and creative potential of our now-unattached and loving thoughts.

Similarly, from birth our soul seems the result of a cosmic casting that seeks to mold our inner most self into that of a divine plan and purpose. Consciousness, in this chrysalis molten-like state, appears to flicker between a duality of love and fear that purposely points toward a greater truth. Like a new sword, the edges of our perception are dull and cannot cut through duality.

As we strive toward understanding our greater calling, we fashion ourselves into the master sword-maker of our life. With skill, we learn to sharpen in measure for balance, purpose and precision of thought. Through mindful self-awareness, we learn to harness the contrast of duality, that of right/wrong or good/bad and so on, in order to focus the edges of our perception toward wisdom. With such mastery, perceptions eventually shift to a point of singularity and vision. In this state, the limitations and boundaries of perceived duality cease to exist. Here do we know and finally understand the truth to which life has pointed us, that there is only love.

Mindful awareness of this flickering journey to conquer duality will take the courage of a great knight, for only the brave of heart and wise of spirit will have the discipline to stay the course of truth. Only the pure of heart will have the courage to follow the call of the divine and lead the charge of transformation. Only the bravest of knights will have the courage to wield Excalibur's great power to cut through the steel of the self's most attached armor and slay the enemy self, our fearful thoughts. Only the bravest of knights will be transformed into kings and triumphantly stand in the kingdom of their own enlightenment.

Forge on, brave knights, toward your great kingdom of heaven within. May the sword of truth ever free your heart, liberate your soul and bring victory in your service towards peace on earth.

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