04/17/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

TED 2010 - A video album:

While there have been many articles and blogs and tweets written about TED 2010, there's no better way to get a quick snapshot of the most memorable moments and presentations than through video.

So I gathered up a handful of the best of the best videos on the web, including the official TED videos that have been already released and a number of videos shot at the conference at the exhibits and in the after hour lobby performances. Collectively, they can give you a real first-person TED experience.

On the technical side of things - there were some real eye-popping demos. Among them was the Minority Report style video editing system created by John Underkoffler and called TAMPER. In years of doctoral work at MIT, .... But the demo that had folks on their feet was Microsoft's new 3d photo experience in Bing Maps. In particular, as you watch this video - jump ahead in the timeline to 3:00 for a truly mind bending look a live video feed into a 3d world. Wow - that's all I can say about this.

Microsoft's photosynth, and the emergence of real time video on Bing Maps:

Each year the TED Prize is awarded to a leader with a world changing vision. This year, the issue that seemed to be on everyone's mind was food (as I wrote about here). The TED Prize was awarded to activist Chef Jamie Oliver - who made a dramatic call to address the quality of the food we feed our children, and the impact on public health that poor nutrition has.

Jamie Oliver: the TED Prize Acceptance Speech

Music is central part of TED - and this year the theme of the event was strings. From Jake Shimabukuro - a remarkable performance on the Ukulele. The TED mainstage performance isn't yet on line, but this after hours hotel lobby gig can give you a bit of the flavor.

Jake Shimabukuro Ukulele Solo's at the after-party:

Somehow, the most impactful musical moment for me was my experience with Violinist Robert Gupta

Gupta is the L.A. Philharmonic's youngest member, 21. He earned his pre-med degree at 17. Robert Gupta made his solo violin debut in Tel Aviv with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra when he was eleven.

Gupta told an entranced crowd at TED U that he thought of music as medicinal - and I have to say he had me sold.

Violinist Robert Gupta at TED 2010

Outside the main hall, there are exhibits that included a powerful Laser tracker that is built to target mosquitos and malaria in Africa. Here's the video I shot of the demo in action.

The Laser Mosquito KIller from Intellectual Ventures

Finally - TED is about people - and so here's a three minute video montage of the faces and moments that made TED 2010 so memorable.

TED Photo Montage: 4 Days In Pictures