Holiday Tips for Your Toes

12/03/2010 05:39 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Dr. Steve Rosenberg Podiatrist, CEO / President Instant Arches Foot Products Inc. Instant Arches for Sandals & Fashion Footwear

Get ready for your holiday parties and "may you stand, walk and dance happily ever after." In order for you to dance your way through the holidays more comfortably, check out these helpful toe tips to keep your feet in good spirits. For those of you who are wearing killer heels, muscle spasms and cramping in your arches can be an unwelcomed visitor. These problems are the result of abnormal pronation, which is the excessive collapsing of the arch during walking or standing. Experiencing pain in the balls of your feet is another problem that can occur when standing or dancing for long periods of time while partying. This is caused by wearing high heels that are usually 2 or 3 inches high. Wearing high heels will naturally throw your foot forward and the balls of your feet get jammed into the floor of the shoe. The fat pad in the balls of your feet can shift and expose the heads of the metatarsal bones to increased pressure. Another common foot problem that can occur when wearing high heels that have pointed toes is pain on the sides and tips of the great toe nails. This can be the beginning of an ingrown toe-nail. Ouch! So make sure you are careful when selecting your party shoes.

Party Solutions

There are simple solutions available to solve your feet or toes ills and woes. Wearing over the counter arch supports like Instant Aches ®, soft cushioned insoles or custom made orthotics in your high heels should help remedy the arch cramps, muscle spasms and ball of the foot pain. Custom made orthotics are usually made by Podiatrists or other medical doctors who are foot specialists. Cutting your nails carefully and using an emery board to file the rough edges is a great way to eliminate potential toe-nail pain.

'Tis the season to be comfortable when dancing and partying during the holidays!