11/22/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Public Apology To The Entire City of West Hollywood And All Sarah Palin Drag Queens


Look at me. My head is kind of bowed as I write this. Hard to make eye-contact with you.

Shamed, as it were...or was.

Yesterday I wrote a piece intimating that the real City of West Hollywood and its real mayor, Jeffery Prang, had called for a ban on real Sarah Palin drag queens/female impersonators. But that was a lie. Balderdash. And in my mind...satire. At least it was meant to be satire, meaning that it wasn't true, but hopefully, adorably witty. But in my rush to get the story out to the masses, I inadvertently forgot to make clear it was a joke. While connoisseurs of the art might assert that the blatant mention of satire as being satire diminishes the piece to the point of no longer being the intended satire, there is the thin chance that some might have taken it seriously enough to rattle the subjects of the piece.

In this case there seems to be a plethora of those who may have believed that West Hollywood would actually ban Sarah Palin Drag Queens. Though it's hard to find anything that West Hollywood wouldn't allow, there were some in the media who took my piece seriously and READ THE REST OF MY APOLOGY FOR MY SHAMEFUL WRITTEN BEHAVIOR HERE

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