05/13/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fox News' New News Network Set To Redefine...News

Fox News Release...

"The Fox News Adrenalin Network is meant to serve every political persuasion from the militia man who no longer wants to waste his target practice on newspaper clippings of presidents or small unarmed varmints to the hate group that isn't afraid to open a bar at 8AM and not close it until they've beaten up at least one gay kid"

In what started as secret focus group testing has now blossomed into a brand new cable news network, the brainchild of Fox President Roger Ailes.

"We met with countless disgruntled television viewers of every color and creed of angry white men who say they are unhappy with the direction America is going but have yet to find television news they can truly believe in," revealed Ailes. "They pretty much described MSNBC as the Karl Marx Network, CNN as the French Network, and Fox News as the Pussy Network. They said that they were looking for a network that isn't afraid to say what the real patriot holed up in his axles-on-blocks, trailer shack is thinking, or is cutting up and papering his walls with."

"We found that these disenfranchised viewers READ THE REST OF THE MUCH-NEEDED NETWORK STORY.
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