12/31/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Get Off O'Reilly's Back!

2008-11-30-oreillybillshutupshutup.jpg Okay, so in upcoming Michael Wolff biography of Rupert Murdoch, "The Man Who Owns The News," we discover that the Fox Corp head honcho "despises" Bill O'Reilly. Wolff also brings up the fact that FN's chief executive, Roger Ailes "loathes" the No-spinster.

Big deal. Bosses are supposed to hate their employees. It's in the blood; part of what drive them. You hate your boss, you don't think they hate you? It's as natural as Brit Hume's furled brow.

Enough already! It's been bad enough that liberal hosts (both of them) have had it in for O'Reilly, but when the gentile, right wing talker, Mark Levin said that Bill was, among other things..."A moron," "A phoney journalist, "A non-Factor who READ THE MYRIAD REASONS TO LET THE MAN BE

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