12/31/2009 07:24 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Get Ready For The Shit To Fly January 4th

Radio and Fox News talk show hosts may be on vacation from their microphones, but have no doubt, they and their Republican managers are in full war room mode, preparing to go shock and awe all over Obama and the Democrats on what they'll say is the utter failure to protect your family from terrorism Monday morning.

From Limbaugh to Hannity to Beck to every single one of the wannabes, they will be blaring "I told you so." Their guests will be nodding in full agreement while they sell their hitjob wares. Dick Morris has probably already written another "blame it on the Dems" hit job book this week. Newt Gingrich will reminisce about the old days of blessed contracts with America. Cheney and daughter will poke their spinning heads from the Dick Cave to castigate the administration for being weak and porous.

It will be loud and it will be damning. The tea baggers will be hunch over their radios ready for tearful marching orders from General Beck. Rush will rustle his papers and call for Obama's impeachment. O'Reilly's Folks™ will nearly get out of their rockers. Nearly.

But while the intimidating din of Democrat disaster will fill the airwaves, it will be up to honest brokers in the media to remind Americans how we got here and who exactly set up the scenario that has failed us...

That the security measures that didn't seem to stop a single Nigerian were set up by Cheney, Bush and their congress.

That Gitmo detainees released by the Bush administration who are now part of al-Qaeda leadership in Yemen.

That shoe-bomber Richard Reid penetrated American airspace without problem during the Cheney-Bush security failure.

That less than a year into his administration, President Barack Obama, has seen one man with an underwear package of explosives slip by security, while in less than a year and AFTER ignoring warnings that Osama bin Laden was intent on flying planes into American buildings, President Bush presided over our country's largest terrorist attack - one that tore down our economy and gave what he believed was credence to invade a country who did not attack us which led to the death of over 3000 Americans and the loss of more than a hundred thousand more innocents.

That the Lords of Loud cannot pin this on the head of the Transportation Security Administration, becuase none exisrs...because Republican obstructionism, especially South Carolina's Republican Senator Jin DeMin has blocked the appointment of Obama's nominee for the head of the TSA, Erroll Southers.

That these are the same bloviators were at the ready to scream traitor at anyone who pointed to Bush's having any responsibility for 9-11.

Point is, Rush out of the sick bed, Sean and Glenn will have their panties packed with explosives Monday morning, ready to spew half-truths - which wil most assuredly be no truth at all.

If the Fourth Estate wants to do their job they cannot give right wing radio and TV's deceptions equal footing with the facts. And Dems must be at the ready to return their worst with their best. And that means the entire truth, something you'll never hear out of the right's charlatan mouths.

Steve Young is author of "Great Failures of the Extremely Successful and blogs at the appropriately named,