Glenn Beck: Wrong Again

05/23/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Steve Young Talk show host, author, oped-columnist, television writer, and filmmaker

Could this be a trend?

Yesterday, while Glenn and his every-willing sidekick anguished over the Constitutional-ripping of the new healthcare bill vote, Beck assured his grieving, tea-party revolutionaries, not to worry. With the vote, President Obama would no longer be able to lead.

His proof - wish I had a blackboard here - no president could lead with a job approval rating under 42%. The president's rating was at 43% and once it went down to 29% he would not be able to get above 42 again. No, I can't follow that, but try to stay with me here. The 43% was BEFORE the "fair and balanced" Brett Bair interview. So, surely, after that and the vote, down goes Obama! Down goes Obama!

Just wait until tomorrow.

It is now tomorrow. The president's approval rating...?

50%, so says Gallip.

Next on Beck. How the Marxist, socialist, communist liberals have taken over Gallop.

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