03/18/2009 10:15 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hey Stewart!: Lay Off AIG, Madoff and Cramer

2009-03-18-BabySealClubbing.jpg Jon Stewart Interviews Jim Cramer

Has America gotten so callous that we no longer appreciate the fine art of securities fraud?

Am I the only one who's sick and tired of having pundits and holier than thou's demeaning the missteps of those who did what we all know we would have done if we were in their very expensive shoes?

It seems that everyone is taking some kid of perverted joy from watching these powerful entities fall. Folks, we're only talking about money here. It's not like anyone is dying, except maybe for those who are so distraught about losing their jobs, watching their pensions dissolve or their family fall apart, that they've swallowed a gun barrel. So what if there are those who have become so depressed that they've crawled into a chronic fetal position in bed, covers over their head, thumb tucked neatly in mouth, unable to face friends and family? Since when does being weak deserve our compassion? Isn't that what Zoloft and funeral directors are for?

So shame on you, Jon Stewart. Shame on your so-called satire. Is everything a joke with you? Jim Kramer looked at you with remorseful baby seal eyes and instead of granting him forgiveness, you chose to club him and use his blubber and glossy white pelt for comedy material.

Humiliating another human for the sake of entertainment? That, Mr. Stewart, isn't entertainment. That's plain, unadulterated mockery. Which I admit, in some cases, might be considered entertainment, if it's done well. But still, can't you just use puns or prop comedy. Do you have to READ THE REST OF INSULT TO OUR RICH DEFRAUDERS HERE

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