03/17/2009 07:50 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Hillary: The Movie" Is A Movie...And I Bet Dalton Trumbo Would Agree

*2009-03-17-johnnygothisgun2.bmp Movie: a sequence of consecutive pictures of objects photographed in motion by a specially designed camera (motion-picture camera) and thrown on a screen by a projector (motion-picture projector) in such rapid succession as to give the illusion of natural movement

No where in the definition does it speak to its content nor that it needs to be good.

This week the Supreme Court will consider whether Hillary: The Movie, because of its content, should be considered, not so much a movie, but a 90 minute campaign commercial: a campaign commercial that falls under the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law that imposes telecast and marketing restrictions.

A panel of Washington judges supported the decision of the Federal Election Commission saying that "H:TM" was not actually a movie but a campaign ad "susceptible of no other interpretation than to inform the electorate that Senator Clinton is unfit for office, that the United States would be a dangerous place in a President Hillary Clinton world, and that viewers should vote against her."

Citizens United, a nonprofit corporation, has long targeted Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton as devils incarnate. CU President, David N. Bossie, admits that the film was made with political motive in mind. Bossie has been one of the most relentless critics of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton and acknowledges that hisd movie has a "point of view." That point of view pretty much paints a picture of horrific repercussions if the evil Hillary Clinton survives on this earth for one more second. Bossie would like America to see what he sees and hopes READ THE REST OF THE POTENTIAL FIRST AMENDMENT DAMAGE HERE

*See if you can find the lovely Kathy Fields in the "Johnny Got His Gun" poster.

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