05/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Newspaper That Carries O'Reilly's Column Says He's Way Off Base

Every time Bill O'Reilly uses the downturn or closing of newspapers as a rationale for liberalism as a lost revenue agent I wonder why he never uses the same generalization for the closing of any other business.

"The Folks just aren't buying from Circuit City anymore because of their pinhead liberal marketing tactics."

And it would just make as much sense.

2009-04-19-oreillybillshutupshutup.jpg This past week my former weekly employer, The Los Angeles Daily News, offered an editorial by its oped editor, Mariel Garza explaining the rationale for the demise of newspaper sales. Keep in mind, this is a paper that ran my column for three years on the same Sunday opinion page as Bill's. Last year they concluded that the economic downturn led them to downsize their four-page Sunday opinion section and with it went my column. While I wrote mostly tongue-in-cheek, no one will ever claim me to be anything but liberal...though Bill has called me "crazy," which is a bit like the pride of being on Nixon's enemy list. Keep in mind the Daily News, the more conservative of the city's two major dailies, kept Bill's as well as Doug McIntyre's column - Doug being a LA talk show host who was a regular fill-in host on O'Reilly's Radio Factor. So goes the Daily News being a liberal paper. Yet, the Daily News is suffering.

And here's a secret: It has little to do with its politics. So says Garza.


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