01/23/2009 07:59 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Signs Order Expunging Bush Administration

2009-01-23-ObamaSigning.jpg With the stroke of his pen, President Obama today purged the previous eight years of Bush Administration policies, including the previous president's lack of intellectual curiosity. The order, retroactively dated to the beginning George Bush's first term, effectively annuls the events occurring under his the 43rd president's administration.

"This in no way negates the Bush administration," said the President. "Only the devastation it caused."

Some of the now rescinded incidents include 9-11, invasion of Iraq, theouting of a covert CIA agent, a slow, painful, procrastinating response to Katrina, torture, spying of the American people, opposition to the Kyoto Protocol and the collapse of the American economy. President Obama also promised a sweeping order within the week that will reintroduce science to READ THE REST OF THE SIGNING DETAILS HERE.

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