01/09/2009 01:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Records Show Bush Not Worst President

Long Missing Records Reveal Story of Catastrophic President Who Served For 15 Minutes Between William Henry Harrison and John Tyler

In the first positive news for President Bush who has been spending the final days of his term defending his presidency, Fox contributor and architect of the Bush legacy, Karl Rove revealed just after a talk defending Bush, a worse president than George W Bush.

"Just after William Henry Harrison had passed away thirty days into his term from pneumonia caught during his inaugural and before Tyler took the oath of office," claimed Rove, "Melvin Irving, a White House butler, was placed in charge of the Republic for approximately fifteen minutes until Tyler got back from his prolonged visit to the bathroom due to severe colon distress over his sudden and unanticipated rise to Commander in Chief."

The records show that the only people in the room waiting for Tyler were Supreme Court Justice Roger Brooke Taney and Irving. Being that Taney was the only one who could legally administer READ THE REST OF THE AMAZING REVELATION HERE.

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