The Standup Comedy Genius of Mr. Bob Barr

09/21/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sure, this could be an Onion headline. Especially the story behind it. An uber-liberal comedy writer and a former conservative congressman, who for all intent and purposes seemed to be missing the humor gene, teaming up to create seven minutes of standup nirvana. Well, maybe not nirvana as in heavenly, but then again not Nirvana as in suicidal rock star career path. Still, the result was a pretty nifty performance by the present Libertarian Presidential Candidate at a Philadelphia Political Comedy benefit for sick kids.

It's a pairing up that I certainly wouldn't have predicted. Me and Hannity...maybe. But only after Colmes dies. I have my standards. But Bob Barr? He stood for everything I had despised in the Republican Party. Not everything actually, but everything negative that wasn't talk radio.

But things have changed. He's no longer backing the Patriot Act, he wants a complete troop and financial pull out from Iraq, supports medical marijuana usage and he realizes what a complete mess Bush and Cheney have made of this country. And he's speaking out about it.

That's why I agreed to write his material for the benefit. And then there the kids. After all, we comedy writers always do it for the kids.

I also happen to think it's important for the Libertarian Party to get on the ballot without having to spend every nickel they have every four years. Believe me, there aren't many nickels there to begin with. And it wouldn't hurt for Barr to be at the debates...on stage. He'll need his polling at 15% for that to happen.

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