01/09/2009 01:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Victoria Secret Models Turning to Politics

2008-11-16-VictoriaSecret2.jpg In what could completely change the political web industry forever, both partisan and non-partisan political sites are now choosing to post bogus headlines, stories and pictures of scantily-clad, Victoria Secret models in suggestive poses and advancing the possibility that they might become potential political candidates with no substantiation and no other reason than to drive revenue traffic.

Sometimes, for no defensible cause, they'll use more than one picture. 2008-11-16-VictoriaSecret4.jpg

"With the presidential election over it's nearly impossible to get anyone to travel to these sites let alone click onto the advertising links that deliver the two or three dollars of revenue a day these bloggers live on," said political watchdog Averill Harriman. "Writing bogus stories of these models have some sort of political future,

"The worst part of this type of political deception is that many of these sites will first post their columns on other sites or in print, said Harriman, "then lead the readers to believe that they might find many more suggestive pictures of other hot models if they click on to SEE MORE REALLY HOT POLITICAL POSSIBILITIES HERE.

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