09/26/2011 12:19 pm ET | Updated Nov 26, 2011

Dancing While 9 Months Pregnant

Beyonce Knowles made headlines around the globe for dancing early in her pregnancy at the MTV Awards, but I'd rather watch my wife, modern dancer Rachel Feinerman, dance all the way until the baby is born.

We're expecting our second child in October. When our first son was born in 2009, people were amazed that my wife continued to dance at all during her pregnancy, but she kept dancing and choregoraphing all the way up to the 42nd week; then the little fellow came along.

This time around, I begged Rachel to shoot a video every week until the baby comes, and, starting in the 31st week, at 7 months pregnant, she did. Now she's in her 9th month, and here she is, still dancing, with more to come: