11/01/2010 03:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Democrat Raj Goyle Rallies His Supporters

Staying on his theme of creating jobs, Democrat Raj Goyle gave one of his last campaign rallies, Friday night, Oct. 29, at Wichita's Old Town Square.

"It is government's job to bring jobs to Kansas," Goyle said. "We need real jobs here in Kansas."
Goyle has continuously referred to a speech in which his opponent Republican Mike Pompeo allegedly said his job was only to create an environment for businesses to create jobs, but not his job to bring jobs here himself.

"Are there any teachers here?" Goyle asked the crowd. "Are there any fire-fighters? According to Pompeo you don't have real jobs."

That claim has been repeated in the Kansas Free Press.

"Mike Pompeo seems to turn up his nose at public sector workers: the teacher, the mailman, the policeman on the beat, the fireman and first responders. Pompeo's ads imply that public sector workers don't work in 'the real world.' But I suspect that the teacher, the policeman, the mailman, and the firefighter, probably know the 'real world' much better than Pompeo."