07/11/2011 06:53 pm ET | Updated Sep 10, 2011

I've complained about Toms before, or at least dudes in Toms. I'm not going to lie here, girls sometimes look good in them. But recently someone brought this link to my attention about the founder of Toms speaking at a Focus on the Family event. If you don't know anything about the group, you can do your own research. But in summary, they are proactively anti-homosexual, sponsoring programs that push the idea that anyone can un-gay themselves if they want to. They are also supporters of Prop 8.

Honestly, Toms can support whoever they want. That's their right. But it is our right to vote with our money -- because that's almost the only vote that matters in this country. I find it interesting that a guy who supplies countless gays with footwear would see no problem speaking at an event like this. I'm sure he would express that his views aren't the organizations, but unless he is there to talk about how wrong they are -- guilt by association rules definitely apply.

Here is a video Focus on the Family produced that illuminates their views a bit:

And an overview of the organization:

Anyway, if you agree, spread the word about Toms. You might be saying, "... They doooo so much goood too..." but I take offense to that also, as I didn't support people who use charity as a marketing tool. Spreading your wealth should be the norm, not the sales pitch. Take those Toms off, because their is nothing stylish about supporting bigoted organizations...

... and stay strong, lovers!