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Steven P. Croley

Blog Entries by Steven P. Croley

Arizona's Immigration Statute: Another Devil in the Details

Posted May 11, 2010 | 09:15:08 (EST)

In all the debate surrounding Arizona's controversial new immigration statute, one provision has escaped the scrutiny it deserves. The law's aggressive citizen-suit provision (Section 2.G) authorizes lawsuits by "any state resident" against any official or agency of the state "or its political subdivisions" that adopts any policy "that limits or...

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Filibusters Should Promote Democratic Deliberation

Posted February 16, 2010 | 07:39:05 (EST)

Talk of amending Senate Rule 22, prompted most recently by the frequent use of the filibuster to stymie Democratic initiatives, and the resulting pushback by some Senate Democrats, raises questions about the purpose and desirability of the institution. Critics understandably lament the filibuster's anti-democratic consequences: A minority can prevent the...

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Meaningful Financial Regulation

Posted February 2, 2010 | 07:50:28 (EST)

Congress and the White House contemplate the creation of a new entity to regulate consumer financial products, even as opponents of reform sharpen their swords. The House reform bill, passed last month, provides for an independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency. The Senate Finance Committee is working on a bill...

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Time for a Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Posted January 25, 2010 | 22:20:29 (EST)

In the wake of the election of Senator Brown, the Administration has signaled increased resolve to reform financial services regulation. If banks want a fight, a fight they will get.

A proposed a new agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, will be at the center of the upcoming...

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