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Steven Rinella
Author and outdoorsman Steven Rinella embarks on an exciting global adventure on the new Travel Channel series The Wild Within. As he explores the world's diverse cultures, Steven will reveal his deep conviction that within all of us, an instinctual hunter/gatherer is waiting to come out.

In each breathtaking episode, Steven uses his pioneer spirit, resourceful mentality and outdoor skills to explore the subcultures that cherish and maintain their hunting, fishing and gathering traditions.

Steven stays true to the tradition of sustenance hunting. Nothing that he harvests goes to waste, and he only pursues abundant species that are properly managed in order to protect their long-term ecological sustainability.

On The Wild Within, Steven explores crabbing in Alaska, searches for wild ingredients to make traditional pa'ina in Hawaii, gathers snails and other edibles in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and re-creates Lewis & Clark's original trek through the Missouri Breaks.

The Wild Within is a walk on the wild side. Steven Rinella will be your guide on a TV show where cliffs, claws and culinary arts come crashing together for the ultimate in adventure travel.

Watch the all-new season of The Wild Within, starting Sunday, Jan. 9, at 9 E/P.

Blog Entries by Steven Rinella

Hunting and Butchering Wild Black Bear

5 Comments | Posted January 6, 2012 | 16:01:16 (EST)

Of all the wild meats I've eaten, nothing varies in quality as much as black bear. Their flesh, and particularly their body fat, seems to reflect their diet in an almost literal way. Bears that have been eating spawned-out salmon tend to taste and smell like spawned-out salmon; bears that...

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European vs. American Game Management

Posted March 6, 2011 | 14:56:24 (EST)

As an American hunter, I was raised to be suspicious of what is known as the European system of game management. Under this system, wildlife is owned by whoever owns the land. This contradicts our American system, in which wildlife belongs to "we," the collective people, regardless of whose land...

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Cooking & Eating Raccoon Roadkill

Posted February 10, 2011 | 14:04:04 (EST)

When I was growing up in rural Western Michigan, I maintained a rather complex relationship to the raccoon. Over the years I kept a number of raccoons as pets; I'd get them really young, before their eyes were open, and then I'd hand-feed them with a bottle until they were...

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Wild Boar Hunting In Hawaii

Posted January 21, 2011 | 15:13:04 (EST)

The primary reason that I hunt is to supply my friends and family with meat that was raised in the wild and slaughtered and butchered with reverence and respect. Beyond that, there are many secondary motivations that bring me into the wild.

I do it for reasons of cultural...

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