10/04/2013 11:13 am ET Updated Dec 04, 2013

Dr. Seuss Goes to Capitol Hill

John (the Speaker), whoes last name is Boehner
Once thought (poor chap) that it couldn't be plainer

A bill is a bill
Until it's a law
But then some new players
Did paid him a call

They explained, in loud tones, that we've made a mistake
Because, it turns out -- some laws are fake!
What happens up there, in our hallowed House chamber?
If you don't like the conclusion
You just stop being neighbors

There are no rules, it seems, for a working solution
If the rules themselves are the source of pollution
So forget that nice Bill, from Schoolhouse Rock
Apparently that lesson was simply a crock

The House can say "yes"
The Senate affirms
And then the president signs it

But, alas, it seems likely
That some managed election
Without understanding
Legislative selection

So why write about something so serious this way?
Why write a dumb poem?

Why not just say:

The Law is The Law
You don't get to quibble
If you can't play by the rules
Then you don't get to nibble

At the way that our system is designed to thus rule
We vote, and we win, or we lose
And that's cool

I'm truly perplexed at these difficult junctions
About how to explain how our government functions
We've watched Schoolhouse Rock
Dang, we had it all figured
But Schoolhouse Rock is now reconfigured

Yeah, you're just a bill, up on Capitol Hill
And although you might find your way
To becoming a law
There are folks who guffaw:
"That process means nothing today"

this poem first appeared with opening comments on the psychologytoday website

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