05/19/2010 01:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Nanny State of Mind


It describes the creation of the universe, the creation of humankind, the creation of a moral creed.

But what it really describes is the creation of the ultimate nanny state -- a nanny state of mind.

With God the Father forgiving us everything if we only accept Him, thus eliciting a veritable Mount Sinai of last minute, death-bed conversions for the Almighty to sort through (which would even dwarf the glut of eleventh-hour tax crammers on April 14th), all the sanctimonious Ayn Rand-sucklings who decry Social Security, Medicare and any other attempt at helping those who cannot help themselves (Isaiah 25:4 "You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat...") or in any way regulate their perpetually prayed-for profits so that the poor suckers (or The Sucker Poor) who were lured into taking toxic loans may live in their homes just a little while longer or stay at their jobs (until those are outsourced to India) can go on profiting inside their narcissistic bubbles, secure in the knowledge that Big Daddy will absolve them of all their sins committed so religiously while here on the 6,000-year-old Earth, née Eden.

And there you have in a Nicene nutshell the fuck-you-we-got-ours gobbledygook that right wing corporate opportunists use as rationale for making money at the expense of morality, ethics, economy and sense.

The lack of responsible action emanating from the giants of industry and their symbiotic guardians of government is staggering, especially when one is confronted by their sense of patronizing entitlement. At congressional hearings last week on the the desperate oil situation in the Gulf, various CEO's smugged their way through testimony in ways that would have made David Addington seem positively sincere.

These are the same folks for whom regulatory restraint is akin to being clamped into a strait jacket, either in the form of self-governance or the kind imposed by vigilant institutions safeguarding the welfare of American citizens.

Like that gash at the sea floor vomiting oil, like the rent in that young Iranian innocent -- Neda -- lying at her father's knees, the life's blood flows from the mouth, the eyes, the heart. And it seems we are helpless to stop it; the hole in our humanity is just as wide and we can only watch it gush, as those who tore it open are assured forgiveness by a force they've endowed with greater responsibility than they themselves would ever care to possess.

What a coddling, spoiling God, having created a race of mewling children who sneer at the hired help and throw tantrums when there isn't enough candy heaped in their laps. It's a bad parent who delegates morality to brats.