Afghanistan Bananastand Redux

10/24/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's really happening.

Like a scenario from a high-tech political thriller with Orwellian overtones, the fleecing of America is occurring right in front of our disbelieving eyes. Through years of induced passivity and using the people's innate pride and loyalty against them, the infrastructure was put in place and the sting was executed.

Hell, it's going on now.

The fraudulent grounds for what will be an even larger haul than what was bagged by The Shakedown in Iraq have been laid out by the latest Bush henchman Machine Gun Henry Paulson and his sidekick Binky Bernanke: almost a trillion buckeroos pulled from the remaining orifices of the now officially comatose American public to bail out the very wankers who have picked them clean. Wow. Even Winston Smith is dumbfounded.

It's like watching a rape from a few feet away only nobody's screaming and nobody cares. So desensitized and dehumanized is the American public that the thieves are sure to get away clean. This will surely become a fascinating chapter in the history of the late, great United States for future students to study. They will see the deleterious effects of constant exposure to television, an educational and entertainment tool that was used for nefarious purposes by Those Greedy Bastards. They will build dioramas of the massive shopping boxes which perched like roach motels in cities and towns, drawing people in to consume beyond their means to digest, beyond their means to afford. They will study the steady reduction of standards of education and information, the virtual obliteration of history and they will note the side effects: progressive brain softening and deterioration of free will and the diminution of once proud swaths of the American public to atrophied, docile clods, roused only when their sugar is withheld or one of their pagan gods is criticized.

It's bold, it's brazen and it's bound to work. It is working.

What to do, what to do?

Voting? Well, yeah, sorta, maybe. Another institution that's been reduced to white trash thrill ride: "Hey, Vern! Move the ferris wheel axle off the flatbed so we can git to the Diebold underneath! It's almost November!" It's kinda like that other fusty amusement: religion. Pull the lever and pray.

Blog? Well, it is a definite alternative to the mainstream media, the modern equivalent of a communal bathing pond filled with criers and decriers, a place where the proles with book learnin' can encounter those without, sans rules and regs and hope that logic surfaces alongside the scum. (And a place where metaphors can reproduce with the alacrity of yeast).

Revolution? Well, yeah, except that the sense in which it would actually be effective requires real sacrifice and mass organization. Everyone's got to be on the same page and know that the corrupt legions who stand between you and Democracy will fight tooth and nail to keep their oligarchical status intact. Clip the right wing by turning off its propaganda machines, laugh at their comedian-spokespersons, call them on their lies, STOP CONSUMING LIKE ZOMBIES!!!!!

How about only for a week. Or two weeks. It's all about money (duh!); that's what they care about. They don't really care about moment of conception, they don't really care about lifestyle choices, they don't really care about establishing democracies or freedom or health or education or anything else that is actually essential to life on this planet, the one we are on for only a short goddamn while.

I don't advocate bloody dissent. I do advocate people waking up and getting active for the coming push: the one in which the crooks make one final play to stamp out the last vestiges of American liberty, the inalienable rights of Americans to pursue lives free from tyranny and corruption.

Afghanistan Bananastand: snap out of it.