America: Banged

07/26/2011 11:46 am ET | Updated Sep 25, 2011

So it's come down to this.

The Republicans, emboldened by their own hate of this president and the audacity of his color, scared by their fealty to superstition and having utterly succumbed to the fiction of an Ayn Rand world where real men are self-reliant and real women worship those real men, have brought us to this.

In an orgiastic display of greed and gall, the Republicans have chosen to bring the temple down on their own heads to prove their potency rather than participate in democracy.

No amount of false equivalencies, no shortage of blaring disingenuousness will hide the truth about them: they are the greatest threat this nation has faced.

Hyperbole? Pshaw! The Republicans latest and greatest move in their bitter quest for control over all the things they have come to despise has aligned them with villainy on a scale not seen on these shores.


They hate the poor. They hate the old. They hate the middle class. They hate "the other". They hate empathy. They hate reason. They hate law.

They hate you.

They hate themselves.

And they will never admit it, can never admit it. Self-awareness just ain't in 'em. Whatever it is that makes them so loyal to the simplistic goal of merely "winning" will make this nation lose all it has gained.

And to the people who have been lured into supporting this last big push, those lost souls who labor under the delusion that they will benefit from their loyalty to the cancer that has become the Republican Party, the cancer that has eaten away at the decency that once epitomized America, by the time your realize your mistake, it will be too late.

So this is how the country ends. WIth a bang.