07/19/2012 12:39 pm ET | Updated Sep 18, 2012

American Armageddon

That got your attention.

Hyperbole aside, the current sociopolitical situation is the largest, best coordinated attack on American democratic values since the Civil War, an attack which threatens the heart, mind and soul of the fundamental principles by which this nation was born and has since thrived.

The triumph of the corporate-controlled right wing has been to warp the average citizen's thinking so that he or she acts against their own self-interest in order to further the interests of their cynical manipulators.

And it's on a scale not seen since pro-slavery, pro-secessionist armies amassed in opposition to the union conceived in liberty nearly one hundred years earlier.

And while the final battle is set to be waged on November 6th, a series of skirmishes, brawls and pitched clashes have occurred throughout the years since Barack Obama's election to office. And those clashes have occurred not in meadows, mountains or streets but in the ethereal fabric of a living democracy, where sense has been overwhelmed by confusion, where orientation has been utterly twisted and where hope was replaced by terror.

It's been a war waged by childish chickenhawks acting out their bullied ids and using the most garish tools imaginable against a trusting and vulnerable citizenry. Make no mistake: while it might all just be an example of social Darwinism meeting unregulated capitalism, for the corporate right wing it is deeper, darker in its implications: freedom and liberty are not things to be fought for but to be fought against.

What's at stake in the coming battle is the very nature of a modern democratic society, one in which ordinary people have power over monied interests. What's at stake is the national discussion and the preservation of a civil tone. What's at stake is the hope that all citizens share in the promise of being American, the need for progress trumping stasis and the obligation for wisdom to -- once and for all -- smother ignorance.

From the very real war on women to the crafty attempts at voter suppression, from the bizarre attacks on the president's credentials to the GOP's brazen obstruction of the legislative process... the list of attacks upon the basic tenets of this democratic republic is long and shocking.

Unless you view it for what it actually is: an attack on America.