09/03/2011 04:25 pm ET | Updated Nov 03, 2011

An Admittedly Simplistic Blog

An admittedly simplistic metaphor:

A house has been set on fire and a firefighter is dispatched to put it out.

Certain people, however, physically restrain that firefighter from putting out the flames.

Moreover, as the house continues to burn almost to the point of collapse and the resources that the thwarted firefighter tries to call in to help battle the current fire (while also hopefully preventing further future catastrophes) are then similarly -- purposely -- tangled up in order to ultimately prevent this particular firefighter (along with his fellow firefighters) from having any successful outcome, a question is begged:

Shouldn't the neighborhood which called the firefighter to extinguish the burning house focus its energies on permanently stopping those people who would let the house and -- all who live in it -- burn to ashes in order to appease their own unfathomable, relentless hatred of that firefighter?

Admittedly simplistic answer: