Baby Goes "Waahhh!!!"

04/09/2011 11:25 am ET | Updated Jun 08, 2011

It makes perfect sense that the party of "No!", the party that embraces fairy tale creation myths, the party that bullies, provokes and lies, the party that has no idea that they themselves will eventually get old, the party that is disdainful of women, the party that fears the poor and The Others, the party that puts all its stock in old white men who love guns and jets, the party that hates arts education, the party that fears sex---

it makes perfect sense that that party is now sitting on the floor and holding its breath until the country turns blue.

Because if one looks at the total output of the Republicans' behavior in the last 10 years, it is the behavior of a spoiled baby.

And waaahhh! Baby's angry!

Baby wants its way!

Baby's scared of the Boogie Man in the White House!

Baby's gotta scare people!

Baby's gotta threaten them!

Baby's gotta get his way regardless of the consequences!

Baby can't take it anymore!

So baby goes "Waaahhh!"

Baby Boehner and Baby Bachmann, Baby Newt and Baby Canter; Baby Sarah and Baby Mike, Baby Bill and Baby Rush; and into the brood swaggers Toddler Trump, with a sour-puss and pockets full with sticky, sweet candy. "He's not from here!" says the kid, dutifully repeating something someone told him. And the babies get all worried again. And they go:


Baby needs to grow up, see the world, read up on history, meet real people and get smart. And then maybe baby can understand what being American is all about. Until then:

"Waaahhh! Waaahhh! Waaahhh!"