02/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Change, Hope and Recovery

It was a national highjacking.
It was a national rape.
It was the biggest crime in American history.
It was the Bush presidency.
And it's over.

Or is it?

After such an assault, one is apt to twitch in their sleep, post traumatic stress coursing through their consciousness, impacting everyday behavior in insidious ways and crippling a person's once normal routine and hopeful future.

The twisted psychology of the Bush Crime Family and their white-collar wave of socio-political terror will leave residual damage long after it exits the stage. The scars will still throb long after their smug faces and arrogant tones no longer haunt our screens.

And while people's attention spans are tragically shortened due to a steady ingestion of inane pop culture malnourishment -- certainly a prime reason why BushCo will walk away with nary an indictment following -- the people's abused psyche will resonate deeply, oscillating like a rung bell.

Not just for the loss of jobs and prestige; not just for the scuttling of retirement benefits and education reform; not just for the ruining of lives fighting private wars for private profit; not just for the squashing of the unions, the marginalization of the middle class and the utter disregard for the poor; not just for our damaged reputation abroad and our neglected and corrupted infrastructure at home; not just for the constant obfuscation and distraction and decimation of our constitution and our history and our future.

No. All those conditions, extreme though they may be, are treatable. Rather, it is the utter dashing of 300,000,000 American dreams, the baffling of the senses, the fist in the teeth, the boot in the face, the tumescent phallus wielded by insane egomaniacs addicted to power and bent on subjugating innocence and optimism and trust. It is all that, performed with a smirk and an Old Glory lapel pin.

For the American people -- make no mistake -- have been seriously abused. In the coming days, as there has already been, there will be smiles and shrugs and business as usual casualness, letting bygones be bygones and "no time for looking backward"s and "we must look forward"s. And somehow it will come back, come back in the manifestation of some repulsive birth deformity, erupting in some unforeseen, shocking expression of pain. And it will come back.

But even if Bush and his sociopathic cohorts are never brought to righteous justice, America, as a living, breathing entity, still -- for all its swaggering adventures -- in its youth and having experienced a series of brutal jolts, must recover or end up a limp, muttering, crippled, insane hulk, its possibilities having been criminally stripped by the villains who were once known as "The Bush Administration." There must be some reckoning, some payback, some coda which will bring real finality to the abuse. Let it begin Tuesday.