06/29/2011 12:00 pm ET | Updated Aug 29, 2011

Civil Discourse

I'm sorry everyone, I do apologize.

I certainly don't want to inflame passions unnecessarily or get people mad. I just want to state a fact that we should all be aware of and all be able to deal with in a sensible fashion, free from incendiary hyperbole and devoid of misinformation, distraction, lies and outright intimidation. After all, if one has truth on one's side then why resort to any of those tactics which instantly give away the fact that the one propagating said lies, etc. would be summarily rejected by any and all reasonable persons, along with those ideas which apparently need to be wrapped in deception in order to get any traction at all.

So again, it is with complete and utter respect and deference for anyone who might hold an opposing point of view that I direct this little, admittedly bit-o'-fluff blog, knowing that anyone in possession of even the rudiments of reasonableness would surely be in agreement with me that facts are facts and civility should reign over contrived division and ad hominem attacks, and openly -- nay, proudly -- reject the purely tactical actions of groups with no interest in constructive, benevolent policies which would help all citizens rather than a privileged few, but rather whose sole purpose is to consolidate power and wealth at the expense of the very citizens they purport to represent (and who do so through the widespread and coordinated application of the aforementioned lies, etc.).

So, with the unarguably earnest pronouncement you've just read, along with the assurance that my own personal goal in regard to this admittedly fluffy, eminently disposable screed -- being the mere sharing of one man's opinion (though an opinion which is actually shared by many, many, many, many millions of fellow citizens of all stripes, persuasions and professions) -- please oh please be advised that you might not agree with what I have to say and that, most wonderfully, in America is absolutely fine and should in no way incite a kind of brain-boiling rancor or censure or pitchfork and torch kind of response that such opinions have caused with alarming frequency. We are all, I am assuming, citizens bound by the precepts so gloriously stated in our Declaration of Independence: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, etc., etc., etc.

So here it is:

The right wing seems to be made up of dangerous, possibly sociopathic, treasonous, democracy-hating ass-pies.

Again, knowing that even people who may not find agreement with me on that particular statement would respond with civility, reasonableness, deference and respect, especially in light of being given as justification for my statement (as only one among many such justifications I and the tens of millions of my fellow citizens might indeed give) the recorded and observed fact of unrelenting and blatantly opportunistic opposition to our current duly elected President to the extent that such opposition goes well beyond the boundaries of reasonable political processes and actually hampers the daily necessary act of governance as well as negatively impacting the natural goodwill and can-do nature of the American People, by using a manipulated media to disseminate the aforementioned lies, etc. to all of us -- people -- who want only to be ably and humbly led by fellow citizens duly elected with awe and reverence to the great experiment in Liberty known as The United States of America. Anything else would be a cynical plot to take advantage of that people's genuine desire for freedom and democracy, to live their lives in peace and security, and to provide even better lives for their children.

And if anyone reading this disagrees with my opinion (and thus the opinion shared with many many many millions of their fellow, law abiding, patriotic citizens) then it would only be reasonable, right and proper to prove why my belief on this matter is at all false and to do so in a civil, articulate fashion, devoid of character assassination, manipulation of data, weird and obvious "trolling" and just general "crazy talk."

Sorry to intrude. Please have a lovely day, fellow American!